About us

The Mathis Dumais-Dontigny Foundation was established in June 2009 in memory of little Mathis, aged three, taken away by cancer in 2008.  The Foundation has been registered since 2010 and the purpose is to raise funds for non-profit organizations / foundations (CHEO, Leucan of the Outaouais region, as well as other registered organizations/foundations) to help children and adults with cancer and other early childhood diseases.

Believing in our cause, NHL Ottawa Senators’ #44 Jean-Gabriel Pageau participates in the annual golf tournament as Honorary President to support the Mathis Dumais-Dontigny Foundation.

Mathis Dumais-Dontigny

June 14, 2005 – October 13, 2008

Our beautiful Mathis was born on June 14, 2005.  When he arrived in our lives, we were all overjoyed.  In our eyes, Mathis was the best, the nicest, the quietest, the most serene and above all the most beautiful and the most intelligent.  We would say to ourselves that it was unbelievable to have a child like him….he was an angel and we would want a dozen like him.

During his second birthday, we offered Mathis a Montreal Canadian hockey jersey with his name and the number 2 on it.  His famous sweater……he had it all the time except when going to bed.  It was only a few days after his 2nd birthday that he was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor (cancer).  The tumor was located on his right kidney and the doctors had to operate as soon as possible.   It was during the month of July that they removed the tumor and his right kidney.  The operation was a success.

This cancer (Wilms Tumor) affects 1 child in 10,000 and 85% of the children survive and live a normal life.  Following the removal of his right kidney, Mathis received chemo treatment and radiotherapy for almost one year.  During this period, our beautiful Mathis was not aware of anything.  Courageous, joyous, cheerful, always in a good mood and so adorable……and furthermore, he showed to whomever wanted to see his ”bobo” on his belly.

Suddenly, the sad news that nobody wants to hear, they found a spot on his left lung.  Mathis must undergo other treatments but this time the treatments are a little more aggressive.  In addition, Mathis gets injections, medications and must pass numerous tests daily.  All that his little body had to endure was unbelievable and unthinkable.  His immune system and antibodies decreased so much that Mathis became increasingly weak making him so frail and fragile.  Mathis was taken away by an infection in his lungs and liver.  His last fight lasted 10 days.  Mathis died on October 13, 2008.

Mathis, our little champion, we will never forget you.  You will remain in our hearts and in our thoughts forever. You will be greatly missed but we know that you are watching over us with your big blue eyes and your smile and yes Mathis, you are an ANGEL…….We love you.

Join us to fight this dreadful disease….. cancer.